Photographic make-up & portfolio course – 3 days

Photographic make-up & portfolio course – 3 days

Photographic make-up & portfolio course – 3 days

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3 days available from mon-sat, 10.30am-5pm

One professional agency model shooting 3 looks, images re-touched on selected image from each of the looks created.

This course is specially formulated for students who have good knowledge of make-up and creativity and are ready to start working on their portfolio as well as building on their make-up career.

The aim of this course is to further develop your make-up skills application, creativity, and help you understand the fundamentals of shoots in colour and black & white photography. The shoot will be in hi-res images and provide fundamental preparation for shooting a professional portfolio.

There will be some theory covered, handouts of make-up and hair design as well as preparation to help create the beauty looks to shoot. This course is highly professional and will incorporate tips and tools to successfully guide make-up artists to be ready to work in the industry.

A professional photographer and agency models are required and very important for the quality of images from the shoot.

This course covers:

  • Lighting theory and colour theory
  • Black and white photographic make-up
  • HD photography
  • Creative content
  • Preparation of make-up designs using face charts
  • Researching techniques and developing mood boards
  • Building up a portfolio, requirements and approach
  • Demo and practical work
  • Industry talk
  • Preparation of model’s make-up and hair
  • Professional photo shoot section

This course offers an Attendance Certificate and airbrushed images on CD (prints are available and charged on request)

Total cost: £1650 (deposit: £825)

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