One-to-one make-up tuition – 2 days

One-to-one make-up tuition – 2 days

One-to-one make-up tuition – 2 days

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2 days training.

Available from: Mon-Fri, 10.30am-5pm

This course requires a full interview/consultation to establish the correct and most suitable tuition/programme prior to enrolment.

This course is formulated for students that have some knowledge of make-up but wish to improve upon their skills at their own speed and time and place.

The aim of these tuitions is for the student to learn tips, techniques, personal development and all their needs required to become a successful artist.

The course cover make-up subjects, techniques and assistance for the following:

  • Skin analysis
  • Colour theory
  • Special make-up techniques
  • Kit building/tools
  • Portfolio building and/or consultation on existing portfolio
  • Industry news, talks and career development
  • Photo-shoot creating a ‘fashion or beauty’ story

One-to-one course tuition prices:

Class duration depending on personal experiences and qualifications:

1 day training              Total cost £ 390.00 (deposit = £195)

2 days training            Total cost £ 650.00 (deposit = £325)

3 days training            Total cost £ 990.00 (deposit = £495)

Request course dates:

Please contact us with any questions relating to the course structure

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